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Venture through space on the Battlestar Galactica slot.

Do you like challenges? In this slot, BattleStar Galactica, has a difficult task in front of you: save the human race from extinction and face the Cylons.

Do you feel the courage to start this adventure? Do not worry, help is on the way! Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Lieutenant Thrace and Dr. Baltar will be by your side in this struggle for the survival of the species. You will have everything you need to defeat enemies and increase your balance, up to 1,400,000 coins. Now you only have to enter the Slot, here on the website, and prepare for strong emotions and a game experience of the other world!

Three game modes in a single video slot: Battlestar Galactica

If you liked the television series, you will love this slot with 243 winning combinations and 5 cylinders! Here the fun is constant and happens to each move.

This game starts in normal mode and can soon begin to win:

  • Ship symbol - when 3 or more symbols appear in the cylinders are triggered the free plays, which can go up to 15
  • Symbol of Battlestar Galactica or Wild - replaces all symbols except the ship, and appears in the cylinders to increase your balance
  • Ion Storm - It is a bonus functionality, randomly triggered, where several WILD appears in the cylinders and expands to win in large

In this slot has further two modes, race mode (run) and fight mode (Fight). Both are randomly triggered and the first of these is triggered in normal mode, the race, while the fight is triggered in the race mode.

Phenomenal graphs carrying the player to the battlefield

Here, at, find amazing games and the Battlestar Galactic Slot is no exception. Microgaming, the world leader in creating online Casino Australia software, this time surpassed. The result was a slot with amazing graphics, video clips, very realistic animation, and accompany all this, a soundtrack up!

Already feeling that cold in the belly? Are the nerves of battle?! So do not wait and come and play the Battlestar Galactica slot, here at, and go to the stars with so many gains.

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