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Game of Thrones ™: Slot with much struggle for power.

Yes, rumors are confirmed ... It's really true ... Another magnificent online casino game is coming, the Slot Game of Thrones ™ arrives at us by the hand of Microgaming, world leader for online casinos software.

Are you curious? Are you already feeling a little anvenity of the expectation? Well, we too! But the best you have to do is sit quietly, prepare a fresh drink and wait, because in August the temperature will rise even more with this new Slot Full of strong emotions. The adaptation of the acclaimed television series arrives at the online casino rooms, the Slot Game of Thrones ™ comes loaded with action and spanking offers.

Plot, mystery and intrigue at a click distance

Although microgaming has kept a secret as this new casino game will be right that we will attend the cylinders to the fight between the Stark and Lannister, the intrigues of Queen Cersei Baratheon, to the follies of Tayrion Lannister, to the battles of Khal Drogo and of Princess Daenenys Targaryen, to the desvarios of Lisa Aryn and more.

A reality full of offers and rewards opens the door for a new kingdom of adventure. Although not yet of public knowledge, we are sure that in the Slot Game of Thrones ™ will find in the cylinders several symbols that will increase your balance, such as the Wild symbol or the scatter, will certainly have several games of bonus and plays free ... Effectively we do not know how the structure of this game will be, but who knows if you use the default system by Microgaming, with 243 or 1024 winning combinations. Regardless of the number of combinations, it is certain that it will be an exciting online casino game where you can win in great and conquer the "iron throne", that is, the final prize!

If you liked the books and it's unconditional fan of the show, you'll love this slot!

The decreasing count began ...

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