Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self' Treasures are waiting for you on Slot Tomb Raider

Sexiest gaming archaeologist is on Slot Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft started his search for a lost treasure here at and is looking for a helper ... want to volunteer to help her? What do you have to do?

  • Comfortable clothing, because you will have to enter the dense vegetation of the jungle
  • Shoes resistant to heat and tropical climate, so that you can follow all traces through the ruins
  • Prepare your weapons to face all the dangers, in your case is to have your fingers to click on each move
  • Be openly open not to lose any treasure lane, because only then can it increase your balance and reach 37 500.00 basic prize coins

Of course all this must be accompanied with a good dose of courage, to face all the dangers, patience, because the clues sometimes do not take any part, and persistence to never give up until you find the so-desired treasure.

Slot Tomb Raider: What you need to get to the treasure

In we want you to win and so in Slot Tomb Raider has everything he needs to find the way to the treasure, which is the same, to fill his pockets with gleaming gold coins.

When the symbol of Tomb Raider appears in the cylinders, it replaces all the symbols except that of Lara Croft and the idol, and helps complete the payment lines for more credits in your balance.

When there are 3, 4 or 5 idols in the cylinders the tomb bonus is triggered, where you have to choose the idols that will increase your fortune.

If 3.4 or 5 symbols of Lara Croft, weapon in wrist, which appear on the cylinders will be triggered at 10 free players.


The slot Tomb Raider Win, if two or more Lara symbols appear anywhere on the slot, regardless of whether or not you are in a payment line. These symbols make it very easy to win. When three or more Lara symbols appear in the game of slot Tomb Raider, regardless of the lines, the player conquers ten free rounds. In this way, all payments made during these rounds are tripled!

A Slot Tomb Raider It has the Scatter symbol, the Wild symbol and the fantastic bonus tomb.

The Symbol of Lara is a scatter symbol, that is, this can arise in one of the five lines, in any position when two or more Lara symbols appear in the game.

Tomb Raider is a Wild symbol and can be replaced by another symbol.

The tomb symbol does not replace Lara's symbol to fill the line, nor does it replace the idol symbol to activate the tomb bonus in the Slot Tomb Raider.


A Slot Tomb Raider It has two fantastic bonuses: Three symbols or more than Lara situated in one of the five lines of Slot allow you to play again; Three or more idol symbols situated in one of the five lines activate the incredible bonus of Tomb.

Enter this adventure and skirt of to win!

Fill your breast and courage! With Lara Croft by your side this story can only have a happy ending and the way for victory is much easier and fun! Come from there !!

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