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Beginning of the Golf Masters Tournament in April 2023

The countdown for the golf event of the year reached the peak of your emotion with the officially in progress golf master tournament. Scheduled to take place in four rounds from April 8 to 11, Masters inaugurates the new season of male golf tournaments of the year.

The full coverage will be made by Sky Sports, bringing all the incredible emotion to fans of sports betting Online all over the world. Exciting is also the fact that this year's event sees the competition return to its traditional date in April, after being postponed for November last year due to travel and other restrictions.

Dustin Johnson has a lot to prove

Dustin Johnson makes his return to the Golf Masters tournament as the current title holder after completing anything less than a record performance at Augusta National last year.

Important, and will certainly be worth waiting, will be Johnson's pressure this year to become the first golfer from Tiger Woods to possibly use the green jacket by consecutive victories. The current number 1 of the world will be anxious to take advantage of his exceptional 5-stroke win, which led him to lift the trophy last year. If successful, this year Johnson will celebrate an exceptional third great victory.

Many important returns

Returning to the Masters Green on April 8 will be Rory McLlroy, who this year will try to make the most out of another unique opportunity to complete his career at Grand Slam. McLlroy has been looking for this particularly done in the last seven years.

Also, on the radar of the sports betting and about to look for another opportunity to put its aggressive swing in a great view, the United States Open Champion golfer will be golfer, Bryson Dechambeau. After fighting for the 34th shared placement in last year's Golf Masters tournament, the US ace will be anxious to return to your Masters glory position this year.

Only a very limited number of fans will be allowed to watch the Augusta National this year. This remains one step ahead of the model without spectators of last year - and especially because the masters mark the official beginning of what promises to be another phenomenal year for male competitions in the greens.

The race for the Augusta National this year should remain as close as before, with the largest world golf champions about to compete for one of the most coveted titles in the sports world.

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