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See the teams play LOL in May 2023 and earn a lot

Professional League of Legends (LOL) is a serious business, especially when there is a great prize in dispute. But for the invitational mid-seasonal, you do not have to play lol to earn a lot. All you need to do is watch the professionals play lol to have the chance to win impressive rewards and prizes.

Yes, Riot is back with his system of rewards and prizes for the viewer. As of May 6, it will remunerate the viewers just by watching the games. There are no specific moments for the awards. The resources will be distributed at random during the invitational mid-season, maintaining tension and excitement with the unexpected.

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Guaranteed rewards

Who has seen professionals play lol before, specifically during the summer alloys sports br 2023, perhaps familiar with the blue essence missions. They are integrated with and require a registered account on the site. All that the player needs to do is watch the Invitational Mid-Season on an official website to win rewards guaranteed in the process.

While watching, you earn blue essence units gradually and can use them to shop in the game itself. As those who play LOL already know, blue essence is the official currency of the game and can be used to shop within it. By the current rules of Riot, watching a single match yields 500 units of blue essence. Those who watch five additional games will win a chest and a hextech key. The rewards inside the chest are random. Lastly, those who watch ten more games will receive the official emote "What a pity!"

Vod x live

It is important to note that it makes a difference to watch matches from the invitational Mid-Season for video on demand (vod, acronym in English) and live. For those who want to gain blue essence, VOD still counts, as long as the video is on an official website.

However, anyone who wants to have the chance to win rewards will have to watch the games in real time. In any case, who play lol You can still gain great prizes.

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