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French roulette: the luck that runs

French roulette continues, in general, the main rules governing other roulette variants. It has, however, a distinct important particularity: the so-called rule "in prison". There is still a second feature that defines this game: the numbers and color of the compartment in which the ball is immobilized are announced aloud.

How to play French roulette

Players make their bets selecting a certain set of numbers between the 36 available (in the most classic versions). In each round of the roulette, the immobilization of the ball indicates a digit and a sector (red or black), which are announced in a well audible voice. Prizes vary according to combinations of successes obtained by players, and the bet is multiplied, equaled or lost. In the French roulette, there is also the designated rule "in prison". When the result of the ball stop is a zero, the player can choose to get half of the initial bet or play for an all-or-nothing in the next round. At that time, bets "in prison" that coincide with the obtained numbers will be returned to the player immediately.


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Play French roulette at online casino

With the emergence of virtual casinos, online roulette has become an even more popular and very requested game, since it is a classic. In fact, the French roulette does not lose its emotion when played in virtual environments, since they can perfectly recreate the conditions and experience of a real casino. On the other hand, the online casino feature makes access to the games available easier. French roulette, for not requiring very complex knowledge and for not taking too long, is the ideal distraction for those who like to have fun and also seek to earn some money.