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Live football bets

Football is one of the Biggest sports betting markets of the world. The popularity of the sport and the generous number of available game markets make it the ideal option for both beginners and experienced bettors. If you are looking for competitive odds, it can be restrictive. Most games are so well searched that betting houses rarely give decent odds, even in the darker markets. This is where live football bets can make a big difference.

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What is the live bet?

The live or in-play bet is where you put money on an event while it's happening at that very moment. With football, this can happen at any time after the initial whistle. With traditional fixed bets, predictions are made days, or even weeks, before the event. The bets close as soon as the match starts. Live bets only begin when the game starts and extends to the final whistle. This kind of mobile sports betting is more risky, but tends to offer a better value than what you would find with traditional markets.

The advantages

The biggest reason why someone has an interest in betting on a live match is to gain better chances. With pre-game bets, it can be difficult to find a bet worth it. Unless teams are unequally equated, the best you can find is around 1.8 or 1.9 if you are lucky. Most of the time, the betting houses will add handicap markets if the two teams are not similar. Live football gives you the opportunity to bet on the same game with much larger chances.

Odds also change every 10 minutes or whenever there is a change in the action of the game. It may be when a goal is marked, or a corner or goal shot is given. Every time a team receives an advantage, the parameters change. At the beginning of the game, the teams may have started with 1.6 and 1.7. If a team marks within the first 5 minutes of the game, it will automatically take advantage and will have the psychological advantage.

At this point, there would be a change in favor of the team that just marked. You may find that the other team now has 2.5 Odds or up to 3.00 to win. If the leading team marks a second goal, they would change even more, and the misleading would be around 6.00 or maybe until 7.00. If you are sure that the other team can get back on top and change the result, you can make a live bet with odds you would never find with any other kind of online football betting.

Using strategy to win

Live football bets can be risky, but offer a unique opportunity to use tested and reliable strategies. Some teams are known to have better performance in the second half. In fact, some teams mark 90% of the goals in the last 30 minutes of the game. If you are confident in the statistics of a team and in your ability to recover from a goal, you can wait until the last moment to get the best odds.

With this strategy, the idea is to wait until your team has none or few goals. The betting house will give you a better value in a team that is confident that you will win. If you make your bet at the right time, you can pick up the highest price before the team points out and the price falls again.

Quick, intense and a little different from traditional bets, live football bets can be extremely rewarding.

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