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How to win on roulette online

Since its great debut in France more than 300 years ago, players have wondered how to win on the roulette and how to do this consistently. After all, payments offered by this marvel can be incredibly generous.

The last three centuries have witnessed various players developing strategies or betting systems, identifying trends, finding ways to select luck numbers for online roulette and emerging with methods to try to win the roulette. Explore this fascinating topic with and learn about strategies and systems that you can use when playing your favorite variation from ROULETTE.

The basics of the roulette

The different solutions that players thought when they try to solve how to win on the roulette will make more sense to know the basics of the game. The biggest difference between the European, French and American historical variations is on the roulette itself. The first has two rolls with 1-36 red and black pockets of 1-36 and a green pocket 0. The American roulette has an extra green pocket 00, which increases the advantage of the house.

Variations offer internal and external bets, with the last including options such as pair / odd, black / red, low (1 - 18) / high (19 - 36) and the three groups of dozens. The French edition offers additional bets. To play the game, bet on the number, color or group of numbers that you think will win or contain the lucky roulette number. The roulette will be turned, the ball will fall into it and the result will be announced when the roulette stops spinning.

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Huge roulette gains

The story has seen spectacular gains in the roulette. With sums of money like these, it's easy to see why many Australian players want to know how to win on the roulette. Some of these major winners include:

  • Pedro Grendene Bartelle won $ 3.5 million in Rio de Janeiro in 2017
  • Mike Ashley won £ 820,000 in London in 2008
  • Ashley Revell won $ 270,000 in Las Vegas in 2004
  • Phillip Green earned £ 2 million in London in 2004
  • Sir Sean Connery won $ 27,000 in Saint-Vincent in 1963

Is it possible to consistently earn on roulette?

Although some players have taken advantage of the known phenomenon as a series of victories, in which they consistently gain in one or more sessions, there is no way to make it happen. The results are completely random. There are no guaranteed methods for how to win on the roulette. The best-known betting systems maximize gains when they happen, which can help minimize their losses.

The Martingale system

One of the most famous betting systems, the Martigale was developed in the 18th century in France. The system is designed to be used with external bets with equivalent money. To use it, you bend the size of your bet after each loss. If your first bet for $ 10 and you lose, your second bet should be $ 20, and if she also loses, her third bet should be $ 40. If the 3 lose, your fourth bet should be $ 80. However, if 3 bets win, you return to the original bet size, which means $ 10.

O Sistema password

The Paroli system is another popular betting system with players who want to know how to win on the roulette. Paroli should also be used with external bets with equivalent money, and you can do this by doubling the value of your bet after each gain. If you have two consecutive victories, the next bet should have the same amount as your first bet. For example, if your first $ 10 losing bet, your second bet also should be $ 10. If the bet 1 win, your second bet will be $ 20, and if the bet 2 win, the bet 3 will be $ 40. If this win, bet 4 will be $ 10. If the 3 lose, your fourth bet should be $ 40.

O Sistema Fibonacci

The Fibonacci system was inspired by the numerical sequence that the Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci (Fibonacci) derived from the Golden Spiral. Each number in sequence is the sum of two previous numbers: 1-1-2-3-5-55-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610-987 and so on. Use the sequence to find out how many betting units: Be sure to increase your bet only when winning. For example, your first and second bet will always be 1 unit. If the bet 2 win, the bet 3 will be 2 units, and if the bet 3 loses, the bet 4 will also be 2 units. If the bet 3 win, the bet 4 will be 3 units, and if it wins, the bet 5 will also be 5 units. If the bet 4 loses, the bet 5 will be 3 units.

Which roulette betting system is the best?

Many players want to know how to win on the roulette hoping to find which betting system is the best. Of the three described above, we prefer the paroli system as it increases the value after winning instead of losing, and is a good option for tables with low limits. Martingale and Fibonacci systems can be quite expensive.

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Common questions

Is there a guaranteed way to win on the roulette?

No, there are no guaranteed forms of victories, as the results are entirely random.

What is the best bet to do?

The best bets are external bets like par / odd or red / black, as they have almost 50/50 chance of victory and pay equivalent money.

Is roulette pure luck?

As the results are produced randomly, it is possible to say that who decides everything is the roulette itself.

What is roulette zero payment?

A winning bet on 0 or 00 pays 35: 1.

What are the probabilities of roulette?

Probabilities describe the possibility of a certain result. The odds of winning with a direct number bet is 37: 1. The odds vary from betting to bet on the game.