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Online Game Legislation in Australia

With a population of more than 200 million people, Australia is the fifth largest country in the world in territory. It is also one of the few non-Muslim nations that does not have a legal and regulated game industry. In 1941, Australia instituted the criminal contravention law. The law effectively banned all forms of unauthorized sports betting. In 1946, President Dutra added a decree that forbade new forms of play, including a national ban on all traditional physical casinos.

More than 70 years have passed since the criminal contravention law entered into force, and parliamentarians are finally recognizing the importance of creating a regulated game environment. In fact, in the last 25 years the parliamentarians have tried to legalize various forms of play and create a regulatory framework completely with the ban. More recently, both chambers of the National Congress have actively discussed proposals that legalize various forms of game, including gambling and online sports betting within the borders of the country.

The Law PLS 186/2014

While the process is still in progress, the Senate, in fact, has done more progress in this area with the PLS 186/2014 bill. Within this particular legislation, which was produced by Senator Ciro Nogueira Lima Son in 2014, Online Casinos, Traditional Casinos, Bingo Houses, Slots Houses, Bicho Game Games and Sports Betting Operations would all be legalized in the country.

In 2016, a modified version of the bill was discussed and approved by the Special National Development Committee. The bill has gained strength throughout the year, and was expected to reach the Senate plenary until the end of 2016 to be voted for final approval. However, the final vote has not occurred, which means that the debate ongoing on the game will probably continue this year.

Despite the PLS 186/2014 bill that has been widely supported by many parliamentarians, has also encountered critical opposition. According to opposition parliamentarians, legalizing all forms of betting in Australia would worsen the country's economy. The same opposition compared the game with drugs and alcohol in terms of their harmful effects and compulsiveness. Meanwhile, the defenders of the legalized game say that if the local market for gambling was regulated, it would certainly attract international betting companies, bringing with an investment opportunities that would generate an enormous tax revenue.

A deadlifting

As it is, the PLS 186/2014 bill must be approved by all the chambers of the National Congress for its provisions to enter into force by law. If the bill was approved, it would create a standardized regulatory framework for operation and taxation of gambling activities in the country. It would also present measures to combat corruption and money laundering. Since the end of 2016, the bill did not show any progress, with many people saying that the idea of legalizing all segments of gambling at the same time is overly ambitious.

With the political turbulence leaving the bill on gambling side, things have declined significantly with both projects still in progress but not moving. Now it seems that a separate bill that is being developed by the Ministry of Tourism and by the Ministry of Finance could revive part of the moods and benefit the market for sports and casino betting. According to reports, the Ministry of Tourism is working on a bill where sports betting and traditional casinos will be regulated in two separate bills. The Ministry is planning to submit the bill to the Government.

A law proposal of the Ministry of Tourism

It is suggested that traditional casinos and sports betting are seen as more acceptable forms of betting, compared to bingo and animal game. Thus, from the political point of view, at least the bill would have the potential to be approved more easily. The Ministry of Tourism added that casinos have the ability to create jobs and improve tourism in the country. At the same time, sports betting are attractive economically because they can easily generate revenue through licensing.

Legalizing lotteries, bingo, online games, sports betting and all other forms of betting at the same time is too much for a country without any formal history in the regulated game. Australia has the potential to become one of the world's largest regulated jurisdictions in the world. There is a great demand for traditional and online betting services as well as sports betting, given the love of Australia by football. There is also great interest from international gambling countries to enter the region.

Until a law established in effect for the lucky online games, Australians can continue enjoying their betting activities without worrying. So far, no player has never been processed by play online in Australia, and access to international sites remains freely available.