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Blackjack variations

Blackjack is appreciated not only in Australia, but worldwide. Lovers of this casino game Online more than 40 variants of this card game. We will explain the most popular versions of Blackjack, giving you a vision about what to expect when you enter an online casino to play this online casino game.

Classic Blackjack Games

Classic Blackjack is the original game that has been popular for more than a century. It was from him that the various versions emerged. It is easy to learn to play this casino classic, but are accurate expertise and strategy to defeat the dealer at 21.

Blackjack with a single deck

Blackjack played with a single deck gives the player a certain advantage, as this can more easily use the strategy of the counting of the cards. With this blackjack variant may think that the casino increased the margin of the house because it is considered an easier game to play.

Blackjack with multiplayer

Generally, when playing blackjack is competing directly with the dealer, it represents the house. In Blackjack with multiple players can play against other players, they can go up to a maximum of 5.

Double exposure blackjack

The Double Exposure Blackjack is one of the most lucrative blackjack variants because the dealer's hand is exposed from the beginning of the game. This allows the player to increase their likelihood of winning as they can base their decision on the first two letters of the dealer.

Blackjack Surrender

One of the variants where it is easier to win is the Surrender Blackjack. In this option you can replace your first two cards, if you see it has a bad hand.

Blackjack 5 hands

A unique view of traditional blackjack game, 5-hand blackjack is extremely challenging. Players are given them 5 hands simultaneously and although the possibilities of winning increases, this game can be quite difficult.

Switch Blackjack

This game has the greatest potential of payments of all Blackjack variants. Players are given two hands at the same time and can exchange the cards between the two, enhancing and doubling the possibilities of beating the dealer at 21.

Blackjack with progressive jackpot

Blackjack games with progressive jackpots see the value of the prize increase to each move. In the progressive jackpot games you can make side bets, which accumulate until a winner gains everything.

Caribbean 21 Blackjack

In this challenging blackjack variant, Ace is worth only 1. The goal of Caribbean 21 Blackjack is to reach a hand that has an Ace and 2 Ten. Players who like big challenges at the game table loved this version of this classic card game.


It is not considered true blackjack, but a very closely related variant, Pontoon is the British version of the game, in which players can not see the two letters of the dealer, making it difficult to build a strategy.