Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self' Mythical Adventures In Casinos Online: Slot Avalon II

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After the success of Slot Avalon, Microgaming decided that the online casino market were prepared to have even more. It was arrived for the moment to create Avalon II! From the beginning the intention was to create a Slot unique, credible, where the player felt transported to Avalon, where the player could go to the plot and at the same time having the pleasure of playing. So the Slot Avalon II was born! The arturiana legend comes to life in the cylinders of online casinos, where you can join the grain demand and go out with a prize up to 2,430,000 coins.

Join King Arthur in this demand and save the kingdom!

A malignant force, coming from this, is growing and has the focus on Avalon, the heart of the kingdom. It all started when Morgan was able to break all the defense barriers and stole the Holy Grail, affecting the Order and Harmony of the Kingdom.

King Arthur gathered his knights and left in search of the Grail to return to Avalon and thus restore balance and harmony in the Kingdom, pulling away the forces of evil. Wait for a path full of adventures and rewards. Join King Arthur and take the trip by:

  • Lake of Legend: Where to complete Excalibur, joining the sword fragments.
  • Misty Vale: 15 free plays, a 1x multiplier and the possibility of choosing your Wild.
  • Whispering Wood: You will have to choose a shield and gain multipliers to increase your earnings.
  • Forest Falls: 20 free plays, a 1x multiplier and a Wild ™ trailing.
  • Dusky Moors: Combine two equal elms and increase your balance.
  • Morgan’s Keep: 20 free plays, a 2x and rolling Reels ™ multiplier.
  • Hall of Shadows: Each movement is assigned a premium.
  • Isle of Avalon: Turn the wheels and earn even more.

In the end, the good ones are always rewarded, so fill up with courage and fight the forces of evil. Come play on one of the online casinos do, come play on Slot Avalon II.

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