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Slot Online Terminator 2

Alive again the emotions of adrenaline 1991, when the release of Terminator 2: the final judgment saw Arnie as the T-800 take the T-1000 to save John Connor and the world!

The series The implacable extremerator was undoubtedly remarkable in the history of world cinema. Microgaming decided to join the Studiocanal to give life to legend ... Thus emerged another video Slot of excellence in online casinos, Slot Terminator 2 tm.

If you are a lover of this movie, you will love this slot! Here you find clips with excerpts from the films that carry it in time, until the struggle of humanity for survival, and where you find your favorite characters. Incidentally, here all the design was thought to the detail so that, with each move, it gets more and more involved in this adventure. The cherry at the top of the cake is that there is still a winning soundtrack of an oscar to accompany you in the difficult battle against the domain of machines.

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Enjoy the quality of the microgaming

As one of the leading Casino Australia software developers in the world, Microgaming has a solid reputation in launching online slots that are worth playing, and Terminator 2 is a great example of what sets them into the games.

A movie-based slot game, Terminator 2 has crisp and clear graphics and film scenes, an engaging and authentic soundtrack, excellent special effects and an elegant action game.

T-800 Vision Resource

The T-800 vision feature is randomly driven during the base game, but only by the rounds that do not result in payments.

In this feature, the screen will turn red and the players will see a moving target. If the target falls in any of the high-value symbols, players should be rewarded with prizes or 10 free rounds if it falls into a scatter symbol.

Symbols of terminator cylinders 2

The symbols in Terminator 2 online slot cylinders are a combination of characters and cards.

The film characters include the Terminator, John Connor, Sarah Connor, the T-1000 and the T-800, while the symbols of the cards are Cups, Swords, Paus and Gold. A symbol of a blue orbit and a Wild T2 symbol can also be found in the drums.

Two Wild Symbols

There are two Wild symbols on the Online Terminator 2 slot, but only one of them is active in the base game. The first, T2 WILD, can replace all other symbols except Scatter to help form winning combinations.

The second is the T-1000, which is only wild during the free plays and can turn into other characters. The T2 WILD will not replace the T-1000 or the Scatter during the free rounds.

Scattered and round premiums

The SCatter symbol of the blue orbit can pay or activate the free terminator 2 bonus plays anywhere in the cylinders of this online slot.

Players will receive payments for at least two scatterers as well as 10 free plays for three or more scatterers.

Terminator 2 is an exceptional online casino game and offers the action of successful films to each round of the cylinders.

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