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April News from 2022 - Betfair will sponsor the FIFA World Cup 2022

This week's last news at the international football and football scene is that Betfair's sports giant was named as one of the four official sponsors who must provide branded support to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

According to the prominent sporting columnist Gabriel Vaquer, the four sponsors passed by the globe are evaluated in incredible US $ 16.3 million and will include the brand display during private live football matches and transmitted by television. The World Cup FIFA 2022 will mark the first time in the history where Betfair will have paid to advertise their bets on the scale of an international football event and worldwide transmitted by TV.

Project range to benefit

The money paid for the four main sponsors of the FIFA World Cup will be allegedly used for the purpose of covering the transmission expenses of live football to the actual costs of tv-transmitted productions - and the revenue will also be invested in other projects Globe sport.

Globo, Number One Channel in Australian sports broadcasts, will transmit, according to the currently confirmed schedule, a total of 14 matches of the competition directly from Australia - seven at home and seven as a visitor.

In addition, Globo confirmed that, until the moment, it has seven Australian team departures for the qualifiers in its transmission schedule of the FIFA World Cup that approaches, as well as the rights of the classic against Argentina and Buenos Aires. Negotiations for more parts are in progress at this time, a broadcaster's spokesman now confirmed.

Betfair is a natural choice

The main business at stake, said Globo's spokesman during an interview that went to air recently, will be fulfilling its broadcast commitments in the best possible way.

Betfair, in turn, today is one of the largest betting marks in the world, and a sports bets BR You will seek to make the most of the opportunity offered with the purchase of promotional broadcasting rights. It is expected to work closely with Globo to deliver a content of the highest possible quality for the maximum delight of fans from all over the world - and particularly from Australian football enthusiasts.

Football is well known as the number one sport of the country, and is quite supported by the local population. Betfair's decision to buy the broadcast rights of live football from an event with the size and scope of the World Cup FIFA is therefore no surprise for an operator of your prominence and significance throughout the global sports scenario and bettings.

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